Landscape Photography -  My Way

While our constantly changing world tends to run in a hurry rapidly forgetting important and beautiful points in time, photography helps to freeze this race. Photo frames assist humans that tend to code past experiences in memory slides to reminisce all these unforeseen, exceptional, and quickly disappearing moments. Photos also allow catching an impulse and encapsulate it into non-replicable visual stimuli. 

I derive my photography foundation exactly on this idea of capturing unique and unrepeatable junctures. Then, I combine my approach with onsite natural landscape experiences enforced by the level of uncertainty and adventure.

Nature is the one that invigorates my senses and provides all sorts of impulses. I value the unknown, the wilderness, and unexplored locations. They are always plentiful in exceptional opportunities providing unseen light or weather phenomena. My vast mountaineering experience facilitates my photo escapades and allows me to venture many remote places that have never been explored before. This brings some sort of fulfilling satisfaction, feeds the adventurous spirit that is always hungry for nature-based excitement, and helps me achieve real happiness. The longer my voyage into the wilderness, the deeper connection with the natural world I gain.  I steadily forget about my daily chores and worries.    

I reconnect with nature awakening all my senses that were dormant while I was away. At the same time when I  rejoin with this surrounding, natural world, I investigate all elements and pre-visualize my compositions. This is where my artistic vision comes into play and helps me capture unique, nature created moments. 

These wilderness experiences combined create my landscape photography vision. The results are visible in photo galleries on this website. I hope that my photos will stimulate your senses, that they will awake your spirit for exploration and you will be able to stop for a moment to take a break in your busy life. I do wish that via visual stimuli derived from my photos you would be able to travel with me to these extraordinary locations, to see them via my lenses.


Thank you for visiting my website. Hope to see you here again in the future!


Artur Stanisz