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Baffin Island Photo Adventure 2017, near Summit Lake emergency shelter. Featured on the photo: Will, Russ, and Kate.


Our 2017 photo workshop on Baffin Island was a blast! We had an amazing weather and took lots of photos.

On the first day when we traveled by boat to reach the beginning of our trek, we photographed icebergs that migrated

to Baffin Island from other parts of the Arctic, mainly from Greenland. Then we started our trek and crossed the first Arctic river

Here is a link with a short video showing just that.


During the next 2 days, we carved our path through bogs hoping that they would end quickly so we could stop feeling

as if we were walking on wet sponges. But we forgot about bogs the minute we saw Innatiavaluk

(check the photo Dragon's Nest in the Gallery Personal Favourites to see this mountain ).

We spent the next 2 days and nights near that glorious mountain range photographing various angles of Innatiavaluk

and searching for new and promising compositions.


After that, we trekked towards Mount Asgard ( check the photo Northern Delights or

 Over the Asgard in the gallery Personal Favourites if you have no clue what mountain I am talking about)

seeing its distinctive peak for about two days before we were able to set our camp at its foothills.

What a view and a great photography weather we experienced there! Mesmerizing!


After about 6 days of our Arctic trek, we reached Summit Lake area and finally were able to enjoy the view

with Mt. Thor (check out the photo The Colors of Arctic in the gallery Personal Favourites). We stayed there

for 2 days and nights. Check out this link to see a short video from that area: Baffin Island 2017 Teaser


During 2017 photo workshops on Baffin Island we spent a total of 13 days trekking and taking photos of this

extraordinary environment. We returned relaxed and richer of thousands of great photos and some new

good friends!