Trips list

Baffin Island Photo Adventure 2018. Happy photographers and adventurers with  Mt. Thor in the background. On the photo: Will, Kenny, Julie, and Artur 

Photo credit: Will Christiansen.


As expected, 2018 photo workshop on Baffin Island was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! We had a great time! The weather was very good and on top of that, we found a

better way, around the "famous" spongy-like bogs that we cursed during previous Baffin Island workshops.

The full workshop took us 16 days out of which 14 we spent trekking and photographing in the mountains of Baffin Island.

But enough with words. Here are some links to short videos from this workshop. All recordings in links 2-5 were done by one and only: Will Christiansen aka the SKYFOLK.

Link 1: Baffin Island 2018 Teaser

Link 2: Happy Kenny

Link 3: Scouting for Compositions

Link 4: Fogged up

 Link 5: Approaching Mt. Asgard